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Last Updated: Mar 06, 2018 02:10PM EST


Batch Print & Print Will Call : Print sets of tickets and customer will-call tickets.

​Printing a Test Ticket : View ticket layouts and print a test ticket.

Setting Margins in Internet Explorer : Control the margins and settings in the IE browser.

Netbook Scanning Instructions : Learn how to login and start using your netbook to scan tickets.


Campaigns : Create a private sales link.

Cart Abandonment Email : Encourage customers who began their purchase to come back and complete it.

Customer Thank You Email : Thank your customers for attending a performance to complete the event life cycle.

Donations : Accept customer donations during the check out process.

Email Guests : Email guests plain text marketing emails from the venue and performance level.

Etix Analytics : Find your most actionable data all in one place.

Etix Community : View and segment your ticket buyers.

Exit Email Capture : Automated marketing feature that helps increase your ticket sales.

Google Analytics Integration : See the entire purchase funnel through your Google Analytics account.

Miscellaneous Information : Ask your customers supplemental questions during checkout.

Partner IDs : Track ticket sales across specific channels.

Performance Image : Add an image to a performance to help sell more tickets.

Performance Upsell : Sell more tickets during the actual purchase process.

Presale Customer Notification Email : Capture data from your customers before tickets even go on sale.

Recommendation Feature : Recommend upcoming performances to your customers.

Sold Out Performance Page : Allow customers to be contacted when inventory opens up.


Change Delivery Method : Change delivery method on tickets already sold.

Customers : Create, search and merge customers in the system.

Edit Order and Customer Ticket Limits : Learn how to control the number of tickets sold per customer/order.

Exchange Tickets 

Email Tickets Sold in the Box Office : Send your customers an email with a link to view and print their tickets.

Order Details : Learn how to read the order details page, resend emails, update shipping contact, add an order note, and view transaction history.

Refund Tickets 

Reclass Tickets : Change any price code to a different price code while keeping the original barcode.

Reissue/Reprint Tickets : Reissuing and reprinting tickets with a new barcode.

Search Orders : Review all the different ways to search an order.

Split a Reserved Order : Accommodate different customer requests on a reserved order.

Ticket Reserve : Reserve tickets for a customer without payment.

Void Unpaid Orders : Void orders that have not been paid for yet.


Organization Dashboard : Access revenue and commonly-used features, as well as view Performance and Package information.


Assign Package Price Code Inventory : Assign specific sections or seat statuses to a package price code.

Assign Package Sections & Subsections : Select which sections and subsections will have inventory allocated toward the package.

Create a Full Season Package : Allows customers to purchase specific seats to all performances in a package.

Create a Flex Package : Allows customers to purchase specific seats to a certain number of performances in a package.

Create a Flex Package with Groups : Allows customers to purchase specific seats to a certain number of performances within a group.

Edit a Package : Make changes to your package details.

Edit Package Price Code : Add or edit a price code to the package.

Edit Package Sales Schedule : Schedule your package price codes on-sale dates.

Edit Package Seat Selection Method : Edit a package's seat selection methods for customers.

Edit & Distribute Package Price : Edit your price's by price code for each level in your package.

Hold/Open Package Seat by Manifest : The best way to hold/open seats for a package.

Login to Account Manager 

Make a Change Request in Account Manager 

Make an Exchange Request in Account Manager

Make a Payment in Account Manager

Package Dashboard : Easily access commonly-used features and view Package information from one screen.

View Package Details : Review all the details of your package.


Add/Edit Price Code

Assign Price Code Inventory/Password : Assign a price code to sell from a specific section/hold type, as well as assign price codes to be password protected.

Assign General Admission Sections : Assign specific sections in a performance as General Admission.

Bot Stopper

Copy Performance

Create a Discount Code

Create a General Admission Performance

Create a Reserved Performance

Create a Price Code

Create a Sales Schedule

Display Date/Time : Enable and disable the ability to display the performance date/time to customers purchasing online.

Edit Prices

Edit Performance

Edit Seat Selection Method : Choose which methods a customer can select their seats.

Incomplete Performances : Locate, review and activate performances that have not been completely built out.

Order Fee

Performance Dashboard : View performance information from one screen.

Performance Image : Add an image to your performances.

Performance Password : Create a password on a performance.

Price Code Delivery Method Restriction : Learn how to restrict delivery to one or more Price Codes.

Suspend Online Sales : The quickest way to take a performance off-sale online.


Export Customer Data : Export customer data straight to Excel.

Multiple Customer Order Report : Commonly used report to identify potential fraudulent behavior.

Report Scheduler : Schedule your favorite reports to run automatically, delivered directly to your inbox.

Zip Code Reports : View where your ticket buyers are coming from.


Change Price Level by Manifest 

Change Seat Hold Status : Change the hold status associated with held inventory.

Clear T Status : T Status tickets are in a transition status, learn here how to open them back up for purchase.

Create Seat Hold Labels : Create labels for different hold types.

Hold Seats : Hold seats at the performance and package levels.

Add Seat Inventory : Add seats to a General Admission performance.

Hold/Open Seat by Manifest : The best way to hold/open your seats.

Kill Seats : Kill seats from your inventory.

Open Seats : Open individual seats, whole sections, or entire performances.

Pull Seats : Pull consignment tickets to sell.

Reassign Price Level : Reassign sections to a new price level.

Seat Notes : Create a seat or section note.

Seating Chart Review : Learn how to approve your chart before your performance goes on sale.


Venue POS : Sell tickets by best available or by seat map under the non-applet selling screen.

Venue POS Quick Sale : Sell seats for General Admission performances in the non-applet selling screen.

Processing Comps : Process complimentary tickets using the Venue POS selling screen.

Multiple Payments : Process sales with multiple payment methods.

Sell from Holds using Venue POS : Sell tickets that are held in a hold status.

Sell from the Sales Applet  : Sell by map, sell by section, sell by price level in the sales applet screen.


Facebook "Buy Tickets" Application : Make it easy for your fans to buy tickets directly from your Facebook page.


Restrict Sales by Zip Code : Restrict which zip codes are allowed to purchase tickets by sales channel.


Attach Viewable Chart : Attach a viewable seating chart to your venue, performance, or package.

Cash Drawer : Reconcile cash easier for your ticket sellers.

Create a Venue Level Print at Home Layout : Learn how to create a Print at Home Layout at the Venue Level and assign layouts to individual performances.

Create Delivery Methods : Create delivery methods at the venue, package, and performance levels. 

Delaying Print at Home Delivery Methods

Edit Seat Selection Method : Edit your venue's seat selection methods.

Etix Fee Auto Population : The Etix Fee can auto populate, which will simplify the Performance creation process and settlement.

Event Series : Create an event series.

Online Settings : How to view and read the Venue/Promoter Public Info and Page View features.

Organization Details : Learn about Organization/Promoter Public Info and Organization Management.

Recap Email : Add and remove recipients from the Performance Recap Email.

Ticket Availability Indicator : Set up the Ticket Availability Indicator feature.

Timed Entry : Set up and manage the timed entry feature.

User Management : Create users, user groups, grant permissions, and performance permissions.

Venue Dashboard : Access commonly-used features and view Performance and Package information.

Venue Details : View Venue Details and understand the information housed there.


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