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Timed Entry

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2019 05:39PM EDT
Click Here to view a how to video on the timed entry feature.

Timed Entry allows Venues with multiple Tours the option to present available dates and times to their patrons in an easy-to-use calendar format.

To Manage Timed Entry:

From the Venue Dashboard
Click Manage to expand

Click Timed Entry

Click Create

A. Enter Timed Entry Title
B. Drag or Select a File Image
C. Enter Description
D. Click Save

Timed Entry Online View

From the Venue Dashboard
Click Online Settings

Click Venue Online Page View

A. Select Timed Entry
B. Click Submit

When patrons view the Venue Sales Link they will now see the Timed Entry Performances displayed and can click Get Tickets.
Note: If there are no more performances left in the Timed Entry group, the option will no longer appear in the Venue Sales Link.

After the patron clicks Get Tickets they are taken to the Timed Entry Page where they can:
A. Select a Date from the Calendar
B. Select an Available Time from the drop down
Note: Sold out time slots will display with grey text and customers will not be able to select a sold out time.  

After they select the time they would like to attend they can click the Buy Tickets button and will be taken to the Performance Sales Link to complete the purchase process.

Creating a Performance with Timed Entry

From the Venue Dashboard
Click Performances to expand

Click Create Performance

A. Select General Admission: Yes or No
B. Performance Type: Select Timed Entry
C. Performance Name: Enter the performance name as it will appear online
D. Start Time: This field is selected from a drop down menu and is the actual date and time of the performance that will display.  This should match the date and time listed on the ticket text.
Event Series Name: Select to include in the performance in an event or select UNCLASSIFIED
F. Timed Entry Group: Choose from the drop down menu the Timed Entry Group you would like this Performance Grouped with.
G. Multi-Day Performance: Check Yes to Enable
H. Display Doors Open: Select Yes if you want the customer to see when doors open.  If selected, enter the hours and minutes doors will open before show time.
I. Performance Image: Drag or Select an Image
that is 400x400 or larger. Then create a focal point by moving the cross hairs. The system will then create a thumbnail. This image will override any performer images (step N)
J. Description: This field is for any miscellaneous information the customer should know about the show, such as show is all ages or that doors open at 5pm.  This appears on the bottom of each transaction page.  This field also accepts html language.
K. Privacy: Choose public if you want your event to show up on etix.com
L. Select to announce the performance immediately or select a custom date and time.
M. Require Password: Choose Yes to include a password.  If yes, include a password in the box provided.  All passwords should be in lowercase letters.
N. Redirect: Leave unchecked
O. Accessible Seating: Select to display the ADA form on page one of the online sales process.
P. Assign Performer: leave unselected
Q.  Category: The category of performance/event used to search performances online
R. Subcategory: The subcategory performance/event
S. Seat Inventory: Select General Admission
T. Total Allocation: The total number of tickets that are available.  Check if all seats are allocated to the system meaning all seats will be sold through Etix.
U. Enter the Max Tickets per Order
V. Enter the Max Tickets per Customer.  This is the total number of tickets a customer may purchase across all orders.  Entering -1 means there is no limit.
W. Confirmation Message: This text appears on the transaction confirmation page, in addition to the standard text.
X. Headers 1-7: These are the lines of ticket text that will print on your tickets.  Each line has a 25 character limit.  Lines 6 and 7 are optional.

Click Next Step: Price Codes

Create Price Codes
This page allows you to select the price codes needed for the performance.  Click here
 to learn how to create a new price code if needed.
A. Use the box to search for price codes
B. You can also select the price codes from the list.  Hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple price codes.
C. Click Move Selected Item to Assigned
D. Click and drag the price code to update the display order
E. Select a default price code.  The default price code cannot be private.
F. Select if you would like the price code to be private
Note: The private column is for price codes that will not be visible to the customer or users that do not have access to private codes.  If any comps will be pulled from the Etix system, private should be selected on the comp price code.  If Private is not select, customers will be able to purchase tickets at $0 if scheduled online.
G. Enter Maximum Number of Tickets.  This number applies to online sales only.  The box office is not restricted to the number of tickets they can sell.
H. Enter Minimum Number of Tickets.  This should be set to zero unless you are selling group tickets online.
I. Click the red X to remove a price code
J. Click Next Step

Schedule Price Codes
To schedule a price code the user needs to think of what price codes need to be available, during what time frames, and through which sales channel.  In the below example, all price codes are available through the box office through the end of the performance and all price codes except comp are available online and through the phone until midnight the day of the performance.
A. Enter the sales start and end date and start and end time for the desired price code.
B. Place a check mark next to the price code name you want to schedule.  Make sure to select all applicable sales channels by placing a check mark in these columns.
C. Select if you to schedule the announcement to display immediately or select a custom date and time.
D. Click Add Schedule

The page will refresh and display the price code schedules. 
Repeat the above steps to add additional schedules.
You can create multiple sales schedules and remove schedules if necessary.
Click Next Step once you have added all necessary price code schedules.

Price Code Details
The Price Code Details screen sets prices for the performance.  ALL fields on this page must be completed.  If the price is zero (0) then insert a zero (0).  You cannot leave any fields blank.
Note: Components will vary by venue
A. Ticket Price: Base ticket charge
B. Enter Any Fees
C. Face Value: Price that prints on the ticket.  This field does not show up on reports, it only prints on the ticket.  This is not a calculated field, but what you want to appear on the ticket.  If you want all the additional charges to appear, you need to place the grand total here.
Note: Everything is green is a ticket price component and everything in red is a ticket fee component.  Ticket price components combine and show one price to the customer and ticket fee components are grouped into the fee section on the invoice page.
D. Once all of the prices are complete, click Next Step: Review and Approve to view the Performance Detail Report

Performance Detail Approve and Submit

The purpose of the Performance Detail Report is to allow information to be reviewed before a performance is submitted.  Links are located at the top of each section in the report for editing to be done from this page.

To complete the submission of a performance, Click Submit Performance And Approve For Onsale located at the very bottom of the page. 

Congratulations!  You have created a Timed Entry performance for sale.

Once the performance is approved and submitted, it is ready to go onsale!  

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