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How to Make a Change Request in Account Manager (Customer View)

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2019 01:48PM EDT

Account Manager is Etix's season subscription management feature. If your venue is not currently using Account Manager, please contact clientservices@etix.com to have a link set up for your organization. This article outlines the steps required to request a change in this feature.

Click Here to view a How-To video on this feature.

Additionally, venues can run the Customer Request Report, which 
displays all requests customers have submitted through Account Manager.

1. The customer can only add notes regarding changes and upgrades before paying for their account in full, so they will want to do this first.  

2. To add a note, the customer will click the home button on the top left of the page.  Scroll down to “My Orders” and click on the Order ID number for their subscription renewal.  

3.The customer will see all the details of their order at the top of the page including the total order amount and balance.  Next they will be able to view all tickets in the order.  

4. Right above the orders tickets box, the customer will see an orange “Request Change” button.  They will click this button and the page will refresh for them to enter in their change request.

5. The customer will fill out the change request form.
A) Select the Package Name
B) Select the Request Type which
informs the venue of the type of change the customer is requesting. If more than one type applies, the customer can add multiple notes. The note type options include:

  • Change Date/Time
  • Upgrade Seat Location
  • Downgrade Seat Location
  • Add Seat(s) to Subscription
  • Remove Seat(s) from Subscription
  • Request ADA Seats
  • Release ADA Seats
  • Other​
C) Input any Request Details.
For Example, if the customer selects “Upgrade Seat Location” as the note type, they could input more details surrounding the Request Details such as “Last season my seats were located in the Rear Orchestra (Price Level 6). This season I would like to move to the Front Orchestra (Price Level 4).”  

D) Click Submit Request

Note: When Change Date/Time is selected, the patron must select their First Choice and Second Choice new package. Packages will display as an option in the drop-down if the Package has been announced, has an active sale schedule and if the sales schedule matches the sales schedule of the package the patron wishes to change.

Note: When Add Seat(s) to Subscription is selected, the patron must select how many seats they wish to add. Available sections are 1-25.

Note: When Remove Seat(s) from Subscription is selected, the form displays all seats in the current subscription with checkboxes for selection.

A green message appears at the top of the page confirming their request was successfully submitted.  From here, they can submit additional requests as needed or go back to the home page.

When filling in the request details box, the customer should add enough specifics so the box office staff knows what to do if better seats are not available.  For example:

"Do you need to change the Date/Time of your season tickets even if comparable seats are not available?"

"How important is being on an aisle?  Would you be willing to move further back to be closer to the center and/or on an inside aisle?"

"Which performances (Date/Time), if any, would you be willing to change to in order to improve your seats?"

"If you are adding seats to your subscription and the adjacent seats are not available, would you prefer to move further back and/or further to the side so you can all sit together or leave your current seats where they are and put the additional season tickets as close as possible?"

In the Box Office (Venue Side):

Venues do not receive an email notification if a customer makes a Change Request. Venues will need to periodically run the Customer Request Report, which displays all requests customers have submitted through Account Manager.

The Order Details Page for the Order ID that contains the tickets requesting a change will have a new note appear on the bottom right hand corner. Below is an example of this note:

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