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Create a Card-Specific Presale

Last Updated: Nov 13, 2019 09:39AM EST
Sometimes a promoter will request a presale for a specific credit card to be setup for a performance.  Follow the below steps to set this up for your performance.
Note:  This article encompasses the steps to setup a presale for special offers for certain types of card holders (i.e. Citibank).  For Amex Specific Presales which restrict the method of payment to only American Express cards see the article. see the article Set Up an AMEX Presale

Step 1: Create Card-Specific Presale Price Code
Create the Card-Specific Presale price code(s).

Add the Card-Specific Presale price code(s) to the performance.  This price code should be marked PUBLIC and have an online sales schedule.

Additionally, you may need to assign inventory so the Card-Specific Presale price code(s) only sell from a specific section or hold status.

Step 2: Create Membership
If you are sent a long list of credit card codes, you can load them into Etix using the Membership platform.  This will save you time instead of having to enter each code one at a time.

From the Venue Dashboard, click Manage

Click Memberships

Click Setup New Membership.

The Setup New Membership page will display:
A. Enter Membership Name.  We recommend the name of the performance followed by American Express Presale.
B. Enter the Public Description
C. Choose whether to take a photo if printing membership cards
D. Select sales channel(s) to email customer when issued or renewed
E. Click Continue to Advanced Options

The Advanced Options page will display.
A. Select your Membership Type from the drop-down
B. Or alternatively, select to Create a Custom Membership Type
C. Click Create (all other fields on this page can remain as the default setting)

The page will refresh Click List Membership Levels

The page will refresh Click Create Membership Levels


The Create Membership Level Page will display
A. Enter Membership Level Type Fixed Duration Length 
B. Enter Membership Level Name
C. Select Currency from the drop-down
D. Enter the Duration in Days.  We recommend 365.
E. Leave Membership Card as Default 
F. Select Display Order
G. Enter Description
H. Only select the Box Office sales channel
I. Enter -1 as the maximum number of subscriptions allowed to issue
J. Leave this blank
K. Select No to Use Loyalty Match
L. Click Create

Repeat this process if you will have multiple levels such as Citi Preferred Seating and Citi Card Member Presale.
Step 3: Load Passcodes
Click Load Subscriptions under the Level where the Passcodes will be loaded

Click Load Passcode

A. The Membership Begin/End Time is pulling from the setup of the Membership Level.  Update as needed.
B. Enter Passcodes (One per line).  You should be able to copy and paste the credit card codes that were sent to you.
C. Click Submit

The below page will confirm the total number of subscriptions loaded.

Repeat this process if you will have multiple levels such as Citi Preferred Seating and Citi Card Member Presale.

Step 4: Create Ticket Limits
The final step is to create Performance Ticket Limits which will connect the Performance to the Membership.

Select Performance

Click Manage to expand

Select Ticket Limit

Click Create Ticket Limit

A. Select the Membership to tie to performance.
B. Select the Membership Level.  Each level must be done individually.
C. Enter Description.
D. Show Remaining Tickets when Validation Fails
E. Show Remaining Tickets

F. Enter the maximum total number of tickets.  This is the total number of tickets a subscriber can purchase for one performance. 
G. Select price code(s) to use.
H. Click Create.

The Page will refresh and a banner will display stating the Ticket limit has been created.
A. Click Create More if needed
B. Click Return to view all current Ticket Limits

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