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Etix Live at Etix Blast 2018

Last Updated: Sep 24, 2018 05:54PM EDT

Etix Live Schedule: Thursday, September 6

Welcome to Blast!
Who Should AttendEveryone! Venue Managers, Ticketing Professionals, Marketing Professionals, Finance Professionals
Presenters:  Travis Janovich, CEO, Etix
Description: CEO Travis Janovich welcomes you to our annual client and prospect event.


Etix: Past, Present, and Future
Who Should AttendEveryone! Venue Managers, Ticketing Professionals, Marketing Professionals, Finance Professionals
Presenters:  Travis Janovich, CEOChris Battaglino, Product Manager; Kevin Brosseau, Director of Client Success; Alexa Colasurdo, Rockhouse Client Marketing Manager; Mandi Grimm, Director of Training and Anti-Fraud Solutions
Description: CEO Travis Janovich and Product Manager Chris Battaglino share the Etix highlight reel from the biggest product advancements to major milestones in the last 18 years. They will guide us through what’s to come on the Etix product roadmap followed by a panel discussion of the future of Etix and the ticketing industry.


Just Announced:  Your Digital Marketing Roadmap
Who Should Attend: Marketing Professionals
Presenters:  Rockhouse Partners
Description:  Use the right digital marketing tools at the right time. Learn how to tap into specific audiences, generate buzz, and develop #FOMO (fear of missing out) to increase online sales earlier in your sales cycle.


Four Weddings and a Fiesta: Getting Creative with Your Event Space
Who Should Attend: Venue Managers
Panelists: Gregory Smith, Business Operations Manager, Fitzgerald Theater (MODERATOR); Scott Leslie, Co-owner, Majestic Theater; Kyle Oman, Corporate Sales Manager
and Booking Coordinator, McMenamins; Dolly Vogt, Regional General Manager, SMG Richmond
Description: Think outside the Box Office! Your venue can be used for a variety of revenue-generating activities beyond a live event performance. In this panel, our clients will share tips, tricks, and creative ideas that can keep your event space occupied, boost sales, and add personality to your brand.


May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor: Overcoming Obstacles
Who Should Attend: Everyone! Venue Managers, Ticketing Professionals, Marketing Professionals, Finance Professionals
Panelists:  Mandi Grimm, Director of Training & Anti-Fraud Solutions, Etix (MODERATOR); George Hernandez, LAN Administrator, NC State Fair; Adam Rasmussen, Webmaster, National Museum of African American History and Culture; Welles Snyder, Ticketing Manager, BB&T Atlanta Open; Dolly Vogt, Regional General Manager, SMG Richmond
Description: Have you ever thought your network wouldn’t freeze on your busiest day, or that the power would go out during the intermission of a sold-out show?  What about a flash flood the day before a show? Neither did these experts but it happened to them.  Veterans will share stories about things you never think will happen to you, and what they plan to do if it happens again in the future.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Who Should Attend: Marketing Professionals
Presenters:  Rockhouse Partners
Description:  Quit wingin’ it! Learn how strategic pre-event & onsite contesting helps you gather thousands of qualified email addresses and phone numbers for your database. The Rockhouse Partners team will guide you through contesting techniques, what to do with the data, and how to make sure your giveaway doesn’t ruffle any feathers.


Creating a Win-Win Volunteer Program
Who Should Attend: Venue Managers
Presenters:  Leah Finch, Client Trainer, Etix
Description:  Looking for a way to reduce your bottom line AND gain a larger presence in your local community? A volunteer program could be the answer. Do you have some roles that are equally valuable but may require less training or a lower time commitment? There’s a demographic of people who would love to be connected to your venue, but who value and prioritize flexibility. A thriving volunteer program could be the next win for your venue, bottom line, patrons, and community.


Box Office Top 10, Plus 5 Hidden Features
Who Should Attend: Ticketing Professionals and Marketing Professionals
Presenters: Alyssa Newell, Senior Client Trainer, Etix
Description: Learn about some of our newer or often forgotten features in this session.  Did you know you can sell and validate a ticket at the same time? What about reviewing performances and packages in bulk from a single excel spreadsheet?  Have you used price code categories recently? This class will share our favorite hidden features!


Booking, Box Office, and Marketing—Together at Last
Who Should Attend: Everyone! Venue Managers, Ticketing Professionals, Marketing Professionals, Finance Professionals
Panelists: Joe Student, Senior Director of Live Events,  Carolina Theatre (MODERATOR); Jason
Gierl, Art Director, The Pabst Theater Group; Hannah Maki, Box Office Manager, The Pabst Theater Group; Robb McAdams, Social Media Administrator, The Orange PeelLiz Whalen-Tallent, Marketing Director, The Orange Peel
Description:  “Wait? Was that going on sale today?!”
We’ve all had those days. We’ve missed the late-night email with the last-minute change, forgot to build a show or send the email announcing the time change. We get it. Modern-day organizations move at breakneck speed, with many venues booking and presenting hundreds of events each year. Now, more than ever, it’s critical that booking, box office, and marketing departments work together to minimize mistakes and take full advantage of marketing opportunities.


Industry Insights and Innovations with Dennis
Who Should Attend: Venue Managers, Ticketing Professionals, Marketing Professionals
Presenter:  Dennis Scanlon, Vice President, Etix
Description: Have you wondered what makes Etix unique and special?  We have a team of experts to help you leverage maximum sales for your events but here are a few features that we have that are often overlooked.  In this class, we will cover features like what is the benefit of a QR code and why you would want to use it, whether or not you should mount scanners to the countertop instead of using handhelds, and how our membership platform can be used for VIP clubs.


Welcome to the Etix Family
Who Should Attend: New & Future Clients
Presenters: Alexa Colasurdo, Rockhouse Client Marketing Manager; Chris Battaglino, Product Manager; Kevin Brosseau, Director of Client Success;  Nick Zafiropoulos, Product Manager
Description: Learn why switching to Etix is smart.  This panel discussion will give a brief overview of the Etix conversion process and the resources available to you in Etix.


Sponsored Presentation: Allianz
Description: Join our sponsor Allianz to learn about the benefits that ticket insurance can provide both you and your customers. 


Sponsored Presentation: UMS Banking
Description: Join Chris Lake from UMS Banking, who will answer questions about how payment processors work and how UMS Banking can help your business. 



Etix Live Schedule: Friday, September 7


I Did It My Way:  Staying Independent
Who Should Attend: Everyone! Venue Managers, Ticketing Professionals, Marketing Professionals, Finance Professionals
Panelists:  Travis Janovich, CEO & Owner,  Etix (MODERATOR); Dayna Frank, CEO, First Avenue & 7th Street EntryDenny Magruder, Executive Director, WesBanco ArenaGary Witt, CEO & Co-Owner, Pabst Theater Group
Description:  Hear from venue owners and operators that have successfully stayed independent in a world where consolidation and acquisitions are the
norm.  Our panelists will discuss topics such as what motivates them to stay independent, why they haven’t sold out, advantages (and disadvantages) to being independent and why they chose to be Independent in the first place.


Looking at the Big Picture: Increasing Customer Loyalty and Growing Revenues
Who Should Attend: Venue Managers, Ticketing Professionals, and Marketing Professionals
Panelists: Mandi Grimm, Director of Training & Anti-Fraud Solutions, Etix (MODERATOR); Dennis Scanlon, Vice President, Etix; Karen Peavler, Director of Operations, EKU Center for Arts; Sabrina Piper, Museum Services Specialist, Children’s Museum of Portsmouth
Description: Are you looking for an innovative way to reward your loyal patrons?  Returning patrons deserve to be rewarded and are not only a source of your existing revenue but can also generate new revenue you may not have considered yet.  Our panelists will discuss some of the things that make them unique and take their patrons from attendees to fanatics.


Bullseye! Hit Your Target Audience
Who Should Attend: Marketing Professionals
Presenters:  Rockhouse Partners
Description:  Rockhouse Partners is here to help you to narrow in on your audience marketing. Understand your current audiences and harness these customer profiles to reach potential ticket buyers.


Who You Gonna Call? Customer Support!
Who Should Attend: Venue Managers and Ticketing Professionals
Presenters:  Amber Jones, Support Department Manager; Chuck Brodie, Support Department Trainer
Description: This is an open discussion regarding the role that the Etix Customer Support Department plays in assisting your customers. We would like the opportunity to give you a better understanding of what we have to offer your patrons and explain our needs as your support department. We hope to build strong and direct relationships with your venue to ensure a streamlined support process for your patrons.

Setting the Standard: Protecting Data
Who Should Attend: Venue Managers, Ticketing Professionals, Finance Professionals
Presenters:  Molly Jones, Technical Support Specialist; Krister Larsson, Director of European Operations and Anti-Fraud Solutions
Description: Your security is important to us, which is why we take the extra measures to protect your data and payment processing. In this session hear from our Payments and PCI experts about what Etix is doing to stay on top of industry trends as well as keep your data secure. We’ll also go through our security checklist and what you can do to make sure you’re protected.


Reeling in the Big Fish:  Attracting the Right Promoters
Who Should Attend: Venue Managers, Marketing Professionals
Presenter:  Bob Nocek, Founder, Bob Nocek Presents; Taylor Traversari, General Manager, Koka Booth Amphitheatre
Description: Many venues, fairs, and festivals have made themselves regular stops for sought-after national tours with promoters are competing to bring shows to their stage. Yet others find themselves off the radar and wonder how they too can attract desirable, nationally touring artists and get the attention of the promoters who book many of those shows. Bob and Taylor will approach the issue from multiple perspectives based on their experience as a promoter and venue operator.


How to Sell a Ticket in 10 Ways
Who Should Attend: Marketing Professionals
Presenters:  Rockhouse Partners
Description: Take action by supplementing your current marketing strategy with 10 Rockhouse Partners-approved tips. Matthew McConaughey not included.


Red Alert:  Chargebacks and Fraud Prevention
Who Should Attend: Venue Managers, Ticketing Professionals, and Finance Professionals
Presenters: Mandi Grimm, Director of Training & Anti-Fraud Solutions; Krister Larson, Director of International Operations & Anti-Fraud Solutions
Description: Chargebacks can occur for many reasons not associated with fraud.  Fraudsters are getting more tech-savvy and constantly trying to figure out how to win, and Liar Buyer (Friendly Fraud) continues to be an increasing problem. As our online sales grow, we can expect Chargebacks and Fraud to grow as well. In this 60-minute session, we will have a high-level discussion of Chargebacks and Fraud.  


In Case of Emergency—Venue Safety & Security
Who Should Attend: Everyone! Venue Managers, Ticketing Professionals, Marketing Professionals, Finance Professionals
Presenter:  Dana Carroll, Director of Museum Services, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Description:  What steps have you put in place if there’s an emergency at your venue? Dana Carroll will discuss best practices, worst case scenarios, and steps you can take to be ready for any situation.

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