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Buy X Get Y Set Up

Last Updated: Nov 02, 2018 12:44PM EDT
The Buy X Get Y feature will allow users to set-up special offers for their patrons such as buy one get one offers. This feature is only applicable for General Admission rewards.

This feature allows users to customize their deal qualifiers, rewards, availability and messaging.

Please note, users must have the "Manage Buy X Get Y" permission in order to set-up and manage deals. Users who have the "View Venue Details" permission will be able to access the Buy X Get Y Dashboard to view current deals only.

From the Venue Dashboard,
Click Manage

Select Buy X Get Y

You'll be brought to the Buy X Get Y Dashboard where you'll see:
A. Active & Upcoming offers
B. Expired offers
C. Click to Create New Deal

The New Deal Builder Page will be broken out into multiple sections.

Promotion Details

1) Name the Promotion
Note:  The name of the deal is for reporting purposes only and will only be visible to boxoffice staff. Patrons will not see this name.

2) Qualifiers
Note:  Qualifier price codes must be added to the patron's cart in order to trigger the deal.
Click Add Qualifier and a popup will display.

A. Select either the Performance or Package Tab
B. Select your Venue
C. Select your Performance (or Package if on Packages Tab)
D. Select your Price Code 
E. Input the Quantity
Note:  The number of tickets matching the price code selected above that must be present in the patron's cart in order to trigger the deal.
F. Click Select Price Code

The page will refresh with your chosen Qualifiers. Click the Gear Symbol if you need to Edit, Copy or Delete your Qualifiers.
Note:  Repeat the steps listed above to add additional Qualifiers

3) Rewards
Click Add Reward

The Reward Builder popup will display. 
A. Input Reward Label
B. Input Reward Description
C. Select Venue
D. Select Performance
E. Select Price Code
F. Input Quantity
Note:  The max number of tickets matching the price code selected above that the patron will be able to claim once they've added all the qualifying tickets to their cart. 
G. Click Select Price Code

The page will refresh with your chosen Rewards. Click the Gear Symbol if you need to Edit, Copy or Delete your Rewards.
Note:  Repeat the steps listed above to add additional Rewards.

Note:  By default, all features listed under Availability will be set to "No". 
A. Limit Maximum Redemptions:  The deal will expire once this number is reached. 
For Example:  If the Maximum Redemptions is set to 100 and there are 100 orders placed which include the Buy X Get Y deal, the deal will no longer be offered.

B. Limit Maximum Per Order:  This setting determines how many "deals" can be applied to each order.
For Example:  The deal is "Buy 1 Individual get 1 Individual 50% Off", and is limited to 2 deals per order. If the patron adds more than 2 qualifiers to their cart (more than 2 full price Individual Tickets) they will only be able to receive a maximum of 2 reward tickets (2 half-off Individual Tickets). 

C. Scheduled:  Customize the Start and End Time for which the deal is offered.
Note:  If a patron adds the deal to their cart before the end time, they will be allowed to complete checkout even if the deal expires.

Qualifier Event Page Display
Note:  By default, all features listed under Qualifier Event Page Display will be set to "No". 
Input a Custom Message:  Displays above the ticket selection box on the performance page. Use this message to tell your patrons how to take advantage of the deal!
Note:  Use the editor tool to enhance your message with font sizes, color and more.

Reward Acceptance Dialog
Click the drop-down to Select a System Default Template

Click the Gear Symbol followed by Create New Template

The Reward Acceptance Dialog Editor pop-up will display.
A. Name:  Reward Template Name
B. Heading:  The Header Text patrons see online
C. Subheading:  Explanatory Text to supplement your Header Text
D. Decline Text:  What the patron would click if they do not want to add the offer to their cart
E. Accept Button Text:  What the patron would click to add the offer to their cart. 
F. Sample Dialog
Note:  Updates live as rewards are added, changed or deleted within the patron's shopping cart.
G. Submit

Once all settings have been determined on the New Deal Builder page, Click Save and Exit to be brought to the Buy X Get Y Dashboard.
Under the Active & Upcoming Tab, Review:
A. Qualifiers
B. Rewards
C. Deal Options including Max Redemptions and Redeemed Rewards
D. Lists if the deal is Active or Upcoming
E. Click Gear Symbol to Edit, Copy or Delete the Deal

Click Here to view both Box Office and Online Deal Redemption.

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