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Last Updated: Mar 20, 2017 05:48PM EDT

Q: Why can't I find my performance online?
A: The performance:
a. May not be Public
a. May not be Approved for on sale
c. May not have an active online Sales Schedule.


a. To change the performance to Public, click HERE

b. If you are unsure if the performance has been approved, use the Performance Detail Report. Scroll to the bottom and make sure the link does not read Change Status to approved (sellable). If it does, click on that link to approve the performance. FAQ9.png

c. To check and see if you have a current online schedule click HERE:


Q: Can I copy a general admission performance and add a seating chart?
A: No, unfortunately you are not able to do this. You can only copy a GA performance to a GA performance or copy a reserved seating performance to a reserved seating performance.
Note: Seating charts cannot be added or removed after you have started the copying/building process.


Q: Can I add seats to my performance?
A: You can only add seats to a GA performance. You are unable to add seats to any performance that is utilizing a seating chart. Use this article for instructions on adding seats to a GA performance.


Q: Can I lower the number of tickets available for sale?
A: Yes, you can place any tickets you do not want to be available into a hold category. Use this article for instructions on holding seats.


Q: Someone needs to change their tickets to another performance, can I exchange them?
A: Yes, use this article for instructions on exchanges.


Q: Can I reprint an order?
A: Yes, you can reprint any order, regardless of sales channel. Use this article for reprint instructions.


Q: Can I send someone their confirmation email?
A Yes, you can send someone their confirmation email. Use this article for instructions on sending a patron their confirmation email.
Note: If the patron says they have not received the email, ask them to check their junk/spam email folder.


Q: How do I add additional fee columns to my performances?
A: You can add additional fee columns to your performance by submitting a request to clientservices@etix.com.

Q: Can I delete a performance?
A: If you have already sold tickets, you will be unable to delete a performance. If you need to delete a performance that you haven't sold tickets to, please submit a request to 

Q: How do I add a new user to my account?
A: You can add a new user(name) to the account by submitting a request to clientservices@etix.com or you can register for a training session and learn how to create and manage system users.

Q: Can I limit their access to specific parts of the system?
A: Yes, you can limit their access to specific parts of the system. There are four general permission levels:

  • Selling a ticket
  • Order Details (reprinting, refunds,etc.)
  • Reporting
  • All-Access

Q: How do I add images to a print at home ticket?
A: You can email the images to clientservices@etix.com or use this article and create a layout yourself.


Q: What are the requirements for the images?
A: Use this article to view the template options and the image size requirements.


Q: I lost my password, how do I get access to the system?
A: When you get to the login screen click I forgot my password. Then, enter your username and click Reset Password. If this does not send you a temporary password via email please contact your venue administrator. If you are the venue administrator please email clientservices@etix.com or call (919) 653-0516 during normal office hours (M-F 9-6 EST).


Q: My password expired, how do I reset it?
A: Use this article on resetting your password.


Q: I forgot my username, how do I get this?
A: If you are unsure of your username please contact your venue administrator. If you are the venue administrator please email clientservices@etix.com or call (919) 653-0516 during normal office hours (M-F 9-6 EST).


Q: What information do you need to set up a new venue under my Etix account?
A: Your sales representative can assist with the venue sheet. Your sales representative can also assist in completing and submitting the form to the Client Services Department. If you cannot reach your sales representative, please email clientservices@etix.com.


Q: How do I submit a performance?
A: After you fill out an event sheet, please submit it to clientservices@etix.com. If you have any questions or need an event sheet, please contact your sales representative.


Q: How do I process refunds when an event is cancelled?
A: If you have any phone or online orders you can contact clientservices@etix.com
and they will refund these orders. If you would like to refund them yourself, please reference this article.

Q: What delivery methods are available to the ticket purchaser?
A: The following delivery methods are available for your venue:

  • Print at Box Office
  • Will Call
  • Print at Home
  • Regular Mail (Etix Customer Service will fulfill orders with this delivery method)
  • Regular Mail (Internal Use) (venue will fulfill orders with this delivery method)
  • Express Delivery

Q: What type of printer do I need?
A: Etix can sell or lease you a BOCA printer. These are the only thermal/ticket stock printers compatible with Etix. If you prefer to use a laser printer you can use any laser printer that is PC compatible (tickets will print on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of normal copy paper.


Q: What should my printer margins be?
A: When using a USB BOCA printer your margins should be as follows:

  • Paper size- Letter
  • Headers and Footers are BLANK or EMPTY
  • Page orientation- Landscape
  • Left Margin- 0.4
  • Right Margin- 0.3
  • Top Margin- 0.25
  • Bottom Margin- 6.15


Q: Why can't I print tickets using Microsoft Edge/Windows 10?
A: At this time, Etix does not support printing from the internet browser Microsoft Edge. If your Selling Station has been updated to Windows 10 and Internet Explorer has been removed as your default browser, please see this article to restore it.


Q: My online sales page is not branded to look like my site. How do I do this?
A: Please send us the URL that you would like to match and we will create the co-brand and send you an updated link. Please send this request to clientservices@etix.com

Q: I need hard tickets printed for an event. Who do I contact for this and what are my color stock options?
A: If you need hard tickets ("PULLS"), please use this article


Q: What are the phone center hours?
A: All times EST:

  • Monday-Friday: 9am-8pm
  • Saturday: 10am-8pm
  • Sunday: 12pm-8pm

Q: I need Etix system training. Who do I contact for this?
A: Please go to www.etix.com/training and complete the training request form. When this has been submitted, a member from the Training department will contact you.


Q: How do I contact Tech Support?
A: Please use this Contact Information article regarding tech support.


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