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How to Set User Preferences

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2018 05:19PM EDT

By default the first 5 steps are set.  This article is in reference to where these printing preferences display.


Click your user name at the top of the page 

Click User Preferences

Selecting Ticket Stock

Click Ticket Stock

Select 5 5/8 X 1 31/32 for BOCA printing and click Submit. If you are using a Dymo printer, select the 2 x 4 Roll Stock. If you are using an Epson printer, select the 3 1/8 x 230 Roll Stock.

Note: if you do NOT have a BOCA Ticket Printer and you will be printing on a regular printer, set it as 8 1/2 x11.

Scheduled Reports

Click Scheduled Reports to see all of the reports that you have currently or previously scheduled with your User ID.

A. The Name of the report scheduled.
B. The Event/Venue/Org Name associated with receiving the report.
C. The Recipient's email address where the report will be sent.
D. The Start Date/Time to receive the report.
E. The End Date/Time to stop receiving the report.
F. The Frequency in which the report will be received.
G. If the reports are Cumulative data.
H. The option to Delete the scheduled report.

Set Up Batch Print Layout

Click Setup Batch Print Layout

Do not make any changes, but scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit. This allows the user to Batch Print and print Will Call, if they have the permission.

Select a Printer for Applet Printing

Click Select a Printer for Applet Printing

Click the drop down and select Boca PCL4- top margin 0.25. If you are using a Dymo printer, select Dymo 450 Turbo.  If you are using an Epson printer, select Epson TM-T88VI.

Click Select

A confirmation page will dispay Currently Selected Printer: Boca PCL4 - top margin 0.25

Select A Printer Driver Which Are Used To Print Tickets In Applet Sales

Click Select A Printer Driver Which Are Used To Print Tickets In Applet Sales

Select HP LaserJet IIP Plus and click Submit

Setup Applet Sale Receipt Count

When applet printing you can determine how receipts print on ticket stock. These receipts will ONLY print for credit card orders. Most venues select two so the patron and venue each get a receipt.
Click Setup Applet Sale Receipt Count

Select the number receipts from the drop down

Click Submit

Confirmation page will display the Receipt count

Live Validation

Do not adjust this setting.

Set Up Time Zone

This will have already been set at the Venue level but can be adjusted if necessary. Click Set Up Time Zone and click Update

Change Password

Click Change Password

A. Enter in the new password
B. Confirm the new password
C. Click Submit

User's Operation Log

Will show every link the user has viewed and changes made
Click User's Operation Log

A. Select the Sales Start Date (action date)
B. Select the Sales End Date (action date)
C. Order by Action Group (whether or not to group the actions or have each action it's own line item)
D. Click View Reports

The Report will then give the:
A. Action Name
B. Action Time
C. Target what level the action took place
D. Target ID system generated
E. Action Parameters

About Etix/Browser Info
This area displays your Client IP Address, Server and Build Version. You would only need to access this information if troubleshooting with Client Services.

Manage API Keys
This area is where you will manage API keys for use with Etix apps and integrated partners. API keys expire 90 days from the date it was generated. You may need to generate a new key and enter it into the application to re-enable access to your account. Work with Client Services to assist you with setting up API keys.

Pair MailChimp Accounts
Clients can now pair their organization's MailChimp account with Etix. The first step is to establish an API key for the account. Once this step is done, you will still need to go to Etix Community to finalize setting up MailChimp within Etix.

A. Enter your MailChimp API Key (this can be found under your account settings)
B. Select your Venue
C. Create New Pairing
D. Any previous pairings will display here.

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