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Copy A Performance

Last Updated: Sep 10, 2019 04:39PM EDT

Click Here to view a how to video on copying performances.

Copying a performance is the most efficient way to create a new performance. However, be sure to only copy a performance where the same seating chart will be used as you are unable to edit or change a seating chart.

Locate the performance you want to copy from, then click the:
A. Gear symbol
B. Click Copy Performance

Select your performance

And click the Copy Performance button.

When copying a performance all price levels and prices will copy into the new performance. All ticket layouts with also copy.  These are the mandatory updates (no specific order):

  • Performance Name
  • Ticket Headers
  • Performance Date/Time
  • Public/Private
  • Sales Schedule

A new performance template is opened containing some information from the original performance.

A. Select Yes/No toggle for General Admission
B. Select Performance Type: You are able to select Performance, Registration, Timed Entry or Railroad. This controls the language that appears during the online purchase process.
C. Edit Performance Name Character Limit is 128.
D. Start Time: This field is selected from a drop down menu and is the actual date and time of the performance that will display.  This should match the date and time listed on the ticket text.
E. Confirm Time Zone
F. Category: The category of performance/event used to search performances online
G. Subcategory: The subcategory performance/event
H. Event Series Name: Select to include in the performance in an event or select UNCLASSIFIED
I. Multi-Day Performance: Check Yes to Enable. 
J. Display Doors Open: Select Yes if you want the customer to see when doors open.  If selected, enter the hours and minutes doors will open before show time.
K.  Performance Image: Drag or Select an Image that is 400x400 or larger. Then create a focal point by moving the crosshairs. The system will then create a thumbnail. This image will override any performer images (step S)
L. DescriptionThis field is for any miscellaneous information the customer should know about the show, such as show is all ages or that doors open at 5pm.  This appears on the bottom of each transaction page.  This field also accepts html language. Character Limit is 4,000.
Note: Anything added in this box will not show up on mobile devices until there are active online sales schedules.
M. Privacy: Choose public if you want your event to show up on etix.com
Select to announce the performance immediately or select a custom date and time.
O. Require Password: Choose Yes to include a password.  If yes, include a password in the box provided.  All passwords should be in lowercase letters.
P. Accessible Seating: Select to display the ADA form on page one of the online sales process.
Q. Display Date and Time: Yes or No
R. Select to Suspend Sales for applicable Sales Channel(s) 
Note: This field will only display if the copied performance had a suspended Sales Channel(s).
S.  PerformersAdd Performer
T. Check if all seats are allocated to the system meaning all seats will be sold through Etix.
U. Enter the Max Tickets per Order (Max allowed value is 99) Contact Client Services if you need to update Max Tickets Per Order to be greater than 99. Once the Order Limit is updated, you are able to assign the price code(s) to the performance, schedule and price. per Order amount, however you may edit this content as needed. Entering -1 means there is no limit.
V. Enter the Max Tickets per Customer. This is the total number of tickets a customer may purchase across all orders.  Entering -1 means there is no limit.the Confirmation Page.  This field also accepts html language. Character Limit is 2,048.
W. Confirmation Message: This text appears on the transaction confirmation page, in addition to the standard text. Character Limit is 2,048.
X. Headers 1-7: These are the lines of ticket text that will print on your tickets.  Each line has a 25 character limit.  Lines 6 and 7 are optional.
Y. Copy Order Fee if necessary

Z. Copy Price Code Passwords if necessary
AA. Copy Performance Ticket Limits if necessary
BB. Copy Restrict Sell Groups if necessary, whether or not to copy the Usergroups
CC. Copy Seat Hold and Removal Status: whether or not to copy all holds and kills (Holding Seats
DD. Copy Seat Status Assigned Inventory if necessary
EE. Copy Seating Chart Image Map if necessary
FF. Copy Section Assigned Inventory if necessary
GG. Click Submit

Some other options you might find depending on what is built into your performance:

  • Copy Passwords On Any Price Codes: whether or not to copy Password Protected Price Codes
  • Copy Discount Codes: whether or not to copy Discount Codes. If checking Yes, be sure to check whether the Discount Code has an active schedule. 

Click Manage Price Codes

The Price Codes on the copied performance will be selected, but if you need to remove or add price codes, do that here.
Click Next Step: Sales Schedules

Add the Sales Schedule 

A. Enter the start and end date and start and end time for the desired price code.
B Place a check mark next to the price code name you want to schedule. Make sure to select all applicable sales channels by placing a check mark in these columns
C. Select if you want to schedule the announcement to display immediately or select a custom date and time.
D. Click Add Schedule

Click Next Step: Pricing once you have added all necessary price code schedules

Price Code Details
The prices on the copied performance will be shown and this is where you can price the new performance.
After the prices have been updated, click Next Step: Review and Approve

The Performance Detail Report displays (the report has been omitted due to size). Review to make sure the performance information is accurate. To submit the performance scroll to the bottom of the page and click SUBMIT PERFORMANCE AND APPROVE FOR ONSALE

If this link is not clicked then the performance remains in the Incomplete Performances queue.
From the main Venue Page, click Incomplete Performances.
Select the performance
Click Approve your performance to start selling. Performance Detail Report displays.

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