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Ticket Reserve

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2019 12:04PM EST

Click Here to view a how to video on the ticket reserve feature.

Ticket Reserve allows clients to place tickets into an order without the entire account balance being paid.  When using Ticket Reserve, any reserved tickets will display at the bottom of the Detailed Audit under Unsold Tickets.  Once the reserved tickets are paid and issued they will then display as sold tickets on the Detailed Audit.

If you have not dealt with reserved tickets before, please contact clientservices@etix.com. We will need to setup the proper delivery methods.

Select Performance

Click Sell Tickets

Click Ticket Reserve

Ticket Reserve mimics Ticket Sale (as shown below).
A. Enter the number of tickets to reserve in the desired price code box & click Find Tickets
B. Select the exact seats by clicking Applet Map.

A. The page will refresh with your seats located in the middle of the page. If you are reserving more than 20 seats, they will be condensed.
B. Click Remove All to select new seats
C. To remove specific seats check the ones you want to return & click Remove Selected
D. Select Payment Method
E. Select Delivery Method
F. Click Continue

A. The tickets will be displayed at the top of the page.
B. You can then search for an existing customer using the search options below the tickets box.
C. Enter Downpayment amount if applicable.
D. Enter Billing Address and patron information.
E. Enter Shipping  Address Or Check Same As Billing Address Above
F. Click Reserve Order


A. The page will refresh with your Reservation Number
B. If you wish to setup a payment schedule for the reservation complete the section below and click Submit.

To View/Edit Order Payment Plan
From the Order Details Page 

Select Reserves to expand

Select Order Payment Plan

A. Payment Times
B. Percentage Due
C. Due Days
D. Add a new Percentage Due
E. Add a new Due Days
F. Select Add or Reset

Reserved Tickets may also be printed without being paid in full. In order to access this feature, the option to "Allow printing of RESERVED tickets" must be toggled to yes in the Organization / Promoter Public Info.

From the Order Details page, choose the Print option.

Choose to Reprint Order.

A pop up box will appear. You can choose to either Print Tickets or Cancel.

If the email were inputted, the patron will receive an HTML Confirmation Email for their reserved order.
A. Ticket Reserve Confirmation
B. Thank you for reserving tickets to [Venue Name]
C. Customizable Confirmation Message
D. Performance (or Package) information
E. Performance Recommendation Feature

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