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Create a Membership or Credential

Last Updated: Oct 18, 2019 02:51PM EDT

Memberships allow venues to sell, well Memberships. Many times these memberships include discounts to a certain number of events each year, additional discounts or special items not available to the general public.  Sometimes, Memberships are sold for general donations.  
Credentials allow venues to issue credential cards (plastic card size is 2.125 x 3.375).

It is recommended that you contact Etix prior to setting these up for the first time.

Click Here to watch the How To Video on Creating Credentials and Memberships.

Click Manage to expand

Click Memberships 

Click Setup New Membership.

A. Enter Membership Name
B. Enter the Public Description
C. Choose whether a Member Photo is required during the checkout process for the membership card.
D. Select sales channel(s) to email customer when issued or renewed
E. Click Done (Credential) 
F. Click Continue to Advanced Options (for Memberships, either selling or issuing).

Continuing to Advanced Options allows you to select various "Opt In" categories.

A. The Membership Name will auto-populate.
B. Select your Membership Type - Discount Code, Loyalty Code, Membership, Passcode, Presale Code, Redemption Code, Promotion Code, VIP Code, Voucher Code
Note:  This will determine the verbiage displayed on customer-facing web pages. You can also create a new Membership Type by clicking the adjacent link. 

C. You may also opt to tie this membership to a specific venue in your organization.
D. Load Membership Data: If Yes, Membership Data will auto-populate within the selling screen and in the online purchase process. If set to No, Membership Data will not auto-populate.
Note:  Whatever selection is made here will apply to all Levels within the Membership.
E. Opt in Message: Select No
F. Extra Message: Select No
G. Confirmation Message: Enter confirmation message
H. Gift Message: Select No
I. Gift Shipping Message: Select No
J. Auto Renewal Message: Select No
K. Public Description Auto Populates 
L. The Start Date for Renewed Subscriptions: Select whether you want the renewed subscription to start the day it was renewed or start when the original date expired.
M. Allow booking performances that take place after a subscription expires:  Select if you want to allow customers to purchase tickets to a performance that takes place after their membership expires as long as they purchase their tickets before the expiration date.
N. Issue new barcode when renewing subscription: Select whether or not a new barcode is issued when the subscription is renewed.
O. Choose whether or not to require a Member Photo during checkout
Note: This will apply to both the box office and online purchase process.
P. Choose whether to allow a subscription as a gift. If this is a selected there will be an option to "Join" or "Give as Gift" on the purchase page.  
Q. Select sales channel(s) to email customer when issued or renewed
R. Click Create

You will be brought to the Price Component Template
A. Select Component Labels.  Select Membership Price, all Sales Channels, and Membership Fee (select the sales channel where you want the fee to be applied.
B. Select Type
C. Enter Amount
D. Select sales channel(s)
E. Click Add

A. The page will refresh to show the added price component.
B. Click All Memberships at the top of the page.

A. The membership will show up under Inactive Memberships
B. Click Payment Processors to allow the membership to issue new subscriptions.
Note: It is recommended to contact Etix to assist in assigning payment processors.

A.  Assign payment processors to your preferred sales channels
B. Click Update

A. Selected payment processors will be listed
B. Click All Memberships

Click Levels

Click Create Membership Level

A. Enter Membership Level Type Fixed Duration Length or Fixed Calendar Time Period
Note: Fixed Duration Length allows you to enter the duration in days (ie:365 days) and Fixed Calendar Time allows you to enter specific beginning and ending dates.
B. Enter Membership Level Name
C. Select Currency
D. Enter Begin Date and End Date or the Duration in Days
E. Select the number of cards per membership
F. Select Display Order
G. Enter Description
H. Select Sales Channel(s) the Membership Level is available through
I. Enter maximum number of subscriptions allowed to issue
J. Enter Headers If using this feature a custom layout will need to be assigned to your venue.  If you are not using headers, please leave this blank.
K. Select Yes or No to use Loyalty Match
L. Click Create

A. Enter Ticket Price
Note:Enter Fee if a label was created
B. Enter Face Value
C. If applicable,Select Currency
D. Click Save and Exit

A. Create more levels if needed.
Note: Click Load Subscriptions to upload passcodes to a specific membership level.
B. Click All Memberships

The membership will now be listed under "The following memberships allow issuing new subscriptions."


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