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Organization / Promoter Public Info

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2018 10:09AM EST

Click Here to view the how-to video on Organization / Promoter Public Info.

When using an Organization online sales link, this information will appear in the blue box on the right side of the page. There are also other features that are controlled here that deal with Account Manager, Shopping Cart and Calendar days.

Click Advanced to expand

Click Organization Details

Click Organization / Promoter Public Info

A. Organization / Promoter Name name that will appear in the blue box.
B. If necessary, enter a Phone Number
C. If necessary, enter a Email
D.If necessary, enter the Web Site
E. Check Yes or No to invite customers to sign up for you emails
F. Enter the name that will appear on the invite line
G. Turn ON/OFF Org Shopping Cart. Shopping Cart allows customers to purchase across your multiple venues.
H. Enter your Tax ID for donation purposes.
I. Select whether or not to display performances without an active sales schedule. If you click Show All the performances without an active sales schedule will say Not Currently On Sale.
J. Enter a Short Description. It will be a narrow blue box, allowing only 3-4 words per line.
K. Enter the Maximum number of event links per calendar day. When the number of performances reaches that threshold, the day will say Multiple Events (only for Calendar view).
L. Whether or not to allow printing partial paid order
M. Whether or not to allow printing of RESERVED tickets
N. Whether to Require Supervisor Approval for exceptions
O. Whether Supervisors require approval from another supervisor

Note: This option will not appear unless the "Require Supervisor Approval" is toggled to Yes.
P. Whether to use Forward to a friend (Account Manager)
Q. Whether to use Ticket Donation (Account Manager)
R. Email address to notify when a customer donates ticket back to the venue
S. Whether to allow request ticket exchange (Account Manager) 
T. Email address to notify when a customer requests ticket exchange
U. Input the ticket exchange request form text.
V. Input the customer ticket exchange confirmation message.

W. Input the Account Manager Partial Payment confirmation message.
X. Input the Account Manager Full Payment confirmation message.

Y. Click Submit


Note: The Organization / Promoter Public Info appears in customer bank statements. (ex: Customer buys tickets from a venue operated by Organization X. The customer's bank statement will show a charge to whatever is listed in Organization X's Organization / Promoter Public Info field.)

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