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Read the Order Details Page

Last Updated: Jun 07, 2018 05:57PM EDT

Click Here to view a how to video on the order details page.

The Order Details page allows you to review important information about an order.

The top portion of the page displays the Order ID and your action items.
Click Resend to resend the email confirmation to a ticket buyer. It will automatically send the email to the email address attached to the order. If the patron entered their Mobile Number, you will also have the option here to resend the Mobile Ticket.

Under Print Tab:
Click Reprint Order to reprint an order.
If a receipt template has been added to your venue, you can click Print Receipt.
If an invoice template has been added to your venue, you can click Print Invoice.
Click Print Header Ticket to print a header ticket that includes the Patron's Name (and/or Alternate Pickup Name) and Address for this order.
Click Prevent Order Printing if you do not want this order to print in a batch print.

Under Manage Tab:
Click Reissue to change the barcode number on existing tickets. 
Click Refunds to refund an order. 
Click Change Price Codes (Reclass) to update the price code on tickets in the order.
Click Ticket Exchange to exchange a ticket to another performance or seat location.

Under Reserves Tab:
Click Void Unpaid Order to Void Order if no payment has been collected.
Click Purchase Reserved Order if tickets have been placed into a reservation status and you need to make a payment.
Click Order Payment Plan to view or edit the percentage due, amount due or due days of the order. 
Click Order Invoice to create an invoice for the order. 
Click Split Reserved Order to split tickets previously placed into a reserves status.

Under More Tab:
Order's Operation Log

Click Scan History to see the history of tickets scanned.  It will show where the ticket was scanned, the user that scanned the ticket and when it was scanned.
Edit Order Shipment
Add Order to Negative Tracking.
This function is not currently being used in the United States.
Assign Order to New Customer. If you enter the incorrect patron information in the order when processing the sale, you can update it to the correct patron without having to refund the order.


The middle of the page shows the ticket information including the serial number (barcode), ticket status, performance or package information and price code details.  Tickets will be grouped on this page by packages, flex packages and individual tickets.
Note: Tickets may be collapsed to make the page easier to view.  You have the ability to expand the order to view all of the tickets if needed by clicking the "+" sign.
A. Package Tickets
B. Package Total (Ticket Price + Ticket Fee)
C. Flex Package Tickets
D. Flex Package Totals 
(Ticket Price + Ticket Fee)
E. Individual Tickets
F. Individual Tickets Total 
(Ticket Price + Ticket Fee)
GReview Order Totals
H. Click History in the top right corner to view Order Print History.
I. Click to Expand or Collapse All Tickets
J. Delivery Method and Fee displays.  Click History under Delivery Fee to view Order Delivery Method History.  Click Edit under Delivery Fee to change an order from one Delivery Method to another.


Below the ticket information the following will display:

Transaction History displays a financial history of the order. This page may be restricted from some users based on the permissions they have been given.
A. Click Transaction ID to review in detail the actions of a seller.
B. Click Payment Account to view the Method of Payment used.
C. Select the Printer Icon by the transaction line, to print a transaction receipt.

If Miscellaneous Information questions were asked upon completion of the transaction and the answers need to be updated, it can be done here, you can also view/edit any Ticket Level Miscellaneous Information as well.


The following information will display on the right side of the page.
Account Info & Customer Profile Button
Shipping Info: If any contact information needs to be updated, it can be done here.  This allows you to change mailing address, email, or phone number.
Billing Info
Alternate Pick Up Name

Passcode or Member Code
Notes: Allows you to enter a note about the order.  For example, tickets lost in mail, patron was contacted about relocating seats, etc.


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