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Performance Detail Report (Performance Level)

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2019 10:31AM EDT

The Performance Detail Report (formally the Event Detail Report) summarizes the majority of information used to create a performance. This report also allows the user to edit specific performance information. Please review Creating a Performance for specific directions on these categories.

To access the Performance Detail Report
Click the reports drop down next to the desired performance

Click View Performance Details

Note: this Performance Detail Report has been cut into multiple images for explanation purposes.  The entire report will display on one page.

Category: used when searching etix.com
Subcategory: used when searching etix.com
Performance Name 
Performance ID: automatically generated
Event Name or Timed Entry name: An Event is a series or run of performances.  Timed Entry allows Venues with multiple tours the option to present available dates and times to their patrons in an easy to use format.  Both of these must already be setup in order for a name to be shown.

Performance Time Zone
Venue Name

Ticket Headers/Text:
Header 1-Header 7 will print on the ticket exactly how it is entered here. There is a 25 character limit per line.

Per Order Ticket Limit: The number of tickets that can be purchased in one single order.
In the example below the Per Order Ticket Limit is 5, meaning that the customer can only purchase 5 tickets in one order. However, if there were no Per Customer Ticket Limit set, the customer could go back and purchase up to 5 tickets as many times as they'd like.
Per Customer Ticket Limit: The number of tickets a customer can purchase for that performance across all of their orders and works in conjunction with the Per Order Ticket Limit.  -1 equals unlimited.  This means the customer can purchase as many tickets across their orders as they desire. 
In the example below, the Per Customer Ticket Limit is set to 5. So the customer is allowed to purchase up to 5 tickets in one order (Per Order Ticket Limit) but they can only purchase 5 tickets total across all orders (Per Customer Ticket Limit). They can purchase all 5 tickets in one order, or one order of 2, one order of 3, etc. but they can only purchase up to 5 tickets for that performance. 
Note: The Per Customer Ticket Limit should especially be utilized for performances more 
susceptible to fraudulent activity.
Event Series Per Order Tickets Limit 
The number of tickets that can be purchased in one single order across all performances included in the Event Series.
In the example below, the Event Series Per Order Ticket Limit is set to 10. So the customer is allowed to purchase up to 10 tickets within their Order across all performances included in that Event Series.
Event Series Per Customer Tickets Limit  This ticket limit determines the total number of tickets a customer can purchase for that Event Series.
In the example below, the Event Series Per Customer Ticket Limit is set to 10. So the customer is allowed to purchase up to 10 tickets across all of their orders, across all performances included in that Event Series.
Performance Date
Total Allocation: If this is a GA show, this is the total number of tickets available. If this performance is utilizing a seating chart, both Reserved and GA by Section, this may not reflect the true total, so please review the seating chart for an accurate allocation.

Performance Description:
 Appears throughout the purchase process. Include any and all information the patron will need to know about the performance. This does accept HTML formatting.

Confirmation Message:
 Appears on the confirmation page after the patron clicks the Purchase button and will display on a "dead" page. This does accept HTML formatting.
Allow online Sales (Yes or No): If this says No it means the online sales have been suspended. To allow online sales go to Manage Performance, Suspend Online, Sales, On Sale Online, Submit.
General Admission (Yes or No)
Performance Announcement Time
Set Public or Private (Public or Private): Private means the performance cannot be searched on etix.com, but only through the Base Performance Sales Link.
Password Required (Yes or No): If the performance has a password.
Note: there is no automatic way to remove the password protection. If you are having a presale, please consult clientservices@etix.com for the best option.
Password: If applicable
Seating Chart: Name of chart
Full Allocation (Yes or No): Determines how the message will appear online when the performance is Sold Out or no more inventory is available online. The message will be:
No: SOLD OUT with an asterisk reading "Tickets may be available at the venue's box office"
ADA Seating (Yes or No): If Yes, there will be an Accessible Blue Log at the bottom of the page. If the patron requires special seating accommodations, they will click on the icon, fill and submit the form. If you are utilizing this form, be sure you have updated the Special Seating Email under Edit Venue.
Bot Stopper Used (Yes or No)
Display Datetime (Yes or No): If the date/time needs to be hidden from the patron, check No. This would be utilized when there is a ticket that can be used any day over a five day period (ie, fair or festival). Therefore, you do not want to show the patron a specific date, as they can use the ticket any day.

Base Performance Sales Link:
 Will only display this one performance and is hyperlinked or can be copied and pasted directly into a website.

Note: The Base Performance Sales Link is also easily accessible on the Performance Dashboard and can be copied to the clipboard or opened in a new tab.

Performer: Where a picture and bio can be added to a performance. Will show the name of the Performer. Use this article to add performer images.

Sales Schedule:
 Schedule of price codes at each sales channel.

Manage Performance:
Configure Seating Chart Image Map
Attach Viewable Chart
Current Upsells
Order Payment Plan
Restrict Batch Print
Restrict Performance Ticket Print
Seat Selection Method
Performance Bot Stopper
Performance Order Confirmation Email Templates: To update please email clientservices@etix.com
Price Component Label Display Status
Are General Admission sections assigned
Are Discount Codes assigned
Admin Ticket limit being used
Event Ticket limit being used
Venue Delivery Method Distance Range Used

Ticket Layout Information: Displays venue and performance ticket layouts, both box office and print at home templates.

Delivery Methods
 that are available for the performance

Seat Removal Labels:

Seat Hold Labels:

Price Code Inventory/Password:

Zip Codes Allowed to Purchase Tickets:
Lists if there are restrictions on specific areas that are allowed to purchase tickets.  A minimum and maximum distance can be set.

Admin Restrict Sell Group:

Miscellaneous Information:
pecific questions to ask patrons at checkout (this can be set for online and box office).

Price Codes
: Lists all price codes, associated price level, max/min tickets and if the price code is private.


Price Level breakdown by section and subsection:

View Scale:
Ability to View the Scale of the seating chart
Add Performance Notes
Manage Performance
Change Status:
Whether or not the event is approved and sellable.


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